£10 Risk Free Bet

Potential Profit - £7+

Time to Complete - 20 Minutes

Welcome to the Bwin sign up offer.

This offer will allow us to make up to £7 in profit.

  • Deposit Amount: £10 using debit card
  • Minimum Odds Required: 2.0
  • Free Bet Type: Stake Not Returned (SNR) Use at odds of 5.0+
  • Profit: £7+

The first thing we need to do is sign up to Betfair and Bwin

We need a Betfair account to complete all the offers so sign up now if you don’t have an account. If you already have a Betfair account you can skip this step and proceed to Bwin to create your account.

Offer Guide

You are now ready to start the Bwin sign up offer. Expand each step below to view the required steps.

Step 1 - Getting Started

  • Proceed to Bwin using the button above and sign up to the site.
  • Once we have opened our Bwin account we need to deposit £10 into the account.
  • To make matched betting easier we are going to set the bookmaker websites to use decimal odds before we start.
Go to Step 2

Step 2

  • As this is a risk free bet we only get a free bet if our first bet loses. So to lock in a profit no matter what happens we need to place our first bet in Free Bet (SNR) mode on the calculator. Even though we are placing the bet with our own money.
  • If our bet wins we will have made an instant profit. If it loses we will be down around £2 but will have a £10 free bet to come.
  • Use the OddsMatcher below to find a suitable bet at odds of 5.0 or more. We need to use above 2.0 for this offer but using above 5 will allow us to lock in more profit.
  • Once you have picked your bet head over to Bwin and add the bet to your betting slip, set your stake as £10 and place your bet.
Go to Step 3

Step 3

Now that we have placed our £10 back bet at Bwin we need to lay the bet at Betfair. We need to use the matched betting calculator to calculate our lay stake. Remember we are using Free Bet (SNR) mode straight away this time.

  • Enter your back bet stake and odds into the calculator and then enter the current lay odds. This will show you what you need to lay. The calculator will also show you your liability, this is how much money you need in your Betfair account in order to place the bet.
  • At this point the calculator will show a profit. If our bet wins then this is our profit. However, if it loses we will have made a small loss but get the free bet to make a profit with.
  • Press the pink box on the market at Betfair and then enter your stake and place your bet.
  • After we have placed our bet we need to wait and see what happens.
  • If our bet wins we have made our profit and are done with this offer. Our bet winnings will be around £7 more than our exchange loss so we can withdraw our money and move on to the next offer.
  • If our bet loses we will get a free bet from Bwin. We need to repeat the above process with that free bet. Place a back bet at odds above 5.0 and lay in Free Bet (SNR) mode. After this bet has settled we are done with the offer.