Free Stake Stake forfeit      
Back Odds Back Commission Back Return  
Lay Odds Lay Commission % Lay Risk  
Back Profit Lay Profit      
Lay Stake          
% Return          

Free Stake – Enter free bet amount (Back amount / bet stake)
Stake forfeit – Enter amount if a stake not returned free bet
Back Odds – Enter the back odds
Back Commission – Enter the back commission (usually NIL)

Back Return – This will be the return on the back side of the bet

Lay Odds – Enter the lay odds (usually the lay odds at the betting exchange)

Lay Commission % – Enter the lay commission (usually 5% at Betair, but can be lower)
Lay Risk – This is the liability of the lay bet and the amount of funds required at the betting exchange
Back Profit – This is the amount ‘locked in’ with the free bet
Lay Profit – This will be the same as the back profit figure
Lay Stake – This is the amount needed to lay in order to ‘lock in’ the back profit figure. The liability will be the amount in the lay risk box
% Return – This is the percentage return on the free bet (if amount is >100% the matched bet is an arb)
(Profit)/Loss This is the profit/loss on the bet (only really needed for the qualifying bet). Obviously the lower the loss the better