Below is a guide to the Asian handicap market.

There are only two possible outcome in Asian handicap betting. Unlike match betting where you can bet on the draw, the Asian handicap market removes the draw equation. This market is usually used with football betting. There is also an advantage when matched betting as Betfair has a lower commission on this market.

The market is set by the difference in ability between the two teams playing the greater the difference in ability between the teams involved in the match, the more goals you would expect the favourite to win by. The non favourite team will therefore be given am advantage (a handicap) for example +1

The favourite team will then be given a handicap of -1 (for example) which it will need to surpass in order for the bet to win.

For example say there is a handicap of +1. The non favourite will start the game 1-0 before the match has started. The favourite team will have to score two goals more than the non favourite in order for the bet to win. If the favourite wins by 1 goal then the bet stake is returned as the game is classed as a draw.

In a evenly matched game there is more likely to be a double Asian handicap market such as 0, +5. This market will mean half your bet stake will go on one of the results and the other half on the other result.