Realistically how much can be made from free bet offers?

The value of free bets available currently from the main UK bookmakers can be found on the free bets page. 80-85% of that value is achievable in terms of potential profit with opening account offers using the matched betting technique.

The majority of free bets are what is known as ‘Stake Not Returned’ (see glossary) and on average you can expect to make around £20-£21 profit from a £25 free bet.  This depends on the odds in terms of how close the back and lay odds are and how high the odds you are matching the bet out with.  The higher the better.

Once the free bets are used up from opening account offers it doesn’t end there.  Bookmakers offer free bets for other reasons such as:

  • Birthday’s (how nice!)
  • Major sporting events – Think big football matches, World Cup, Wimbledon, US Masters (you get the idea)
  • Come back offer – If you haven’t bet for a while you may be offered a free bet to come back and place a bet
  • Refund offers – William Hill & Ladbrokes have weekly refund offers on the Channel 4 racing.


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