The next stage after introductory offers

A common question asked is whether you can continue to make money from matched betting after the introductory offers have been completed.

Lets break this down into sections to explore the avenues open after working through the opening account offers;

New bookmaker offers

Whilst you may get to a point whereby you think you have completed the worthwhile signup offers there is always the next bookmaker around the corner.  Some big named bookmakers have been and gone over the years, some merged, others stopped trading.  There is always room for a new bookie to come and join in.  Whilst this is true new offers will come around from time to time, giving you another bite at the cherry.

Existing customer offers

This is where the regular money is.  You can quite easily take part in existing customer offers and keep making money monthly.  I will cover these in more detail in a separate guide but in short there are two sorts of offers for existing customers; those which are the same as free bet offers i.e. bet on something and get a free bet, and ‘what if’/refund offers.

‘What if’ offers are those that you may not be able to guarantee a profit from but if you partake in enough of them, over time some will come off enough to cover any losses in covering bets to take part in such offers.

Examples of ‘what if’ bets are;

The basic idea to these offers is to find a bet that can be matched out for as small loss as possible, then should the offer occur you will profit from either money back, enhanced winnings or free bets (depending on the offer).

Whilst the above type of offers do carry some risk in that you may lose say £1 each time you take part in an offer and match a bet out, over time (especially with the Channel 4 offers) you will make far more money than you lose.

Comeback offers

Last of off, if you stop using certain bookmakers for a period of time the good ones (think well known UK high street bookies) will contact you offering free bets to come back and bet with them.  So it is worth setting up an email address just for matched betting, that way any emails sent to you offering free bets and offers can be checked up on regularly.

Having been matched betting for over 10 years now I can safely say that money can still be made once the signup offers have been completed.

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