Many online bookmakers offer a sign up/welcome bonus usually a free bet, as an incentive to try and entice you to opening an account with them. This usually requires an initial bet with your own money to obtain the free bet, by using a betting exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets you can remove the risk of losing your own money and extract the free bet in the process to make a profit.

This is done using a technique called matched betting, by backing or betting an event at a bookmaker and laying the same event at a betting exchange it is possible to extract free bets to guarantee a profit.

The matched betting guide section contains a free and comprehensive step by step explanation on how to use this technique to make over £1,500 without too much effort.

Matched Betting process

    • Open an account with a bookmaker
    • Open an account with one of the betting exchanges
    • Place a qualifying bet with a bookmaker and lay the bet at one of the betting exchanges
    • A free bet will then be credited to your account
    • Place the free bet at the bookmaker and lay the bet at one of the betting exchanges

Interested in finding out more? Read the guide to learn the method involved and get started.

Does Matched Betting work?

Thousands of people have taken up matched betting over the years and its been around for over 10 years, only recently picking up in popularity with the help of subscription sites and social media to spread the word.

It is particularly popular with students as you can start with a relatively small bankroll and build up in your spare time. You can fit it around your day to day life and it’s also tax free.

How does it work?

Matched Betting is a straight forward process of betting on opposite outcomes which are referred to as backing and laying bets. A back bet involves betting that something will happen and is usually a bet placed at a bookmaker.
A lay bet is betting that something will not happen and these bets are usually placed at a betting exchange.

Place one of each bet and you have covered all the outcomes meaning you cannot lose, repeat the process with a free bet and you can extract the money for a profit without risk.

If you have any questions before you start or would like help along the way then, get in touch.